Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

This is a list of common mistakes that couples make when choosing their wedding flowers. If you are looking for wedding flowers, avoid making these blunders:

Mistake 1: Not Trusting Your Florist

Tell your florist what you envision your wedding to be. Communicate your likes, dislikes and expectations. Be open to suggestions from your floral designer. If the floral designer can't give you that specific flower you had in mind, be more flexible and try to compromise. Trust their creativity and remember why you hired*them in the first place!

Mistake 2: Not Reusing Ceremony Arrangements

Do not put your aisle flowers to waste by throwing them away right after the ceremony. The ceremony only lasts an hour and it would be a shame if they are only used for that amount of time. Aisle flowers can make great centerpieces and can be included into the reception décor.

Mistake 3: Not Choosing Pricey Flowers

Don't be afraid to choose expensive flowers. Peonies, for example, are a bit pricey but they could cover a bigger space than roses and create a bigger impact. You could also choose expensive flowers for your bouquet and choose more affordable flowers for your centerpieces and aisle flowers.

Mistake 4: Using only One Color

Wouldn't it look boring you had lavender flowers to match your lavender-colored bridesmaid dresses? Do not be scared to mix and match colors. Ask the help of your floral designer in choosing what other colors would match your theme colors.

Mistake 5: Ordering your flowers too Late

Flowers come from different p`rts of the world and may take some time arrive. Make sure that you allow a six-week window ahead of your wedding week to be able to have every flower ready. Plus, it would be less stressful for the florist if you can give them ample time to order the flowers.

Mistake 6: Choosing an Oversized Bouquet

Do not choose an oversized bouquet. It may seem beautiful at first but carrying it around for hours can be a huge burden for you. What's more, a massive bouquet will only cover the beautiful design of your wedding dress. You want your guests to notice your dress, not the massive thing in front of it.

Mistake 7: Booking your Florist Last

After deciding on your wedding venue, date and theme, the next thing to do is to book a florist. Make an appointment to visit your potential florist and tell them the important details of your wedding and your budget.

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