Fabulous Wedding Dresses Need Fabulous Hairstyles

As a bride on your wedding day you aim to look and feel the most amazing you have ever done. It is after all your special day and whilst the wedding dress and other accessories have been sorted months ago it's now time to focus on how you will be wearing your hair.

When considering how you are going to wear your hair on your big day you should take into consideration the style of your wedding gown and your personality. There are hundreds of different looks and styles to go for depending on the length of your hair and its texture and volume. Whether you are aiming for a formal, relaxed or casual is also a deciding factor, as is the shape of your face.

Oval shaped faced brides can relax as they are fortunate enough that they can wear virtually any hair style. Brides with heart-shaped and square faces should avoid long straight styles. Heart-shapes should opt for side partings and soft curls. Curls and waves also look great on square-shaped faces as it gives a softer look, whereas round-faced brides should avoid volume and curls as this adds width. Sleeker styles pulled away from the face would be much more appropriate as they are a perfect shape for high 'Updos'.

Just like your accessories your hairstyle should complement your wedding gown. The style of your wedding dress is important, for example if you're having an elaborate dress then a hippy look hairstyle would look out of place, whereas a formal yet simple sleek chic chignon would keep the centre of attention on your gown. Particularly great if your dress features lots of embellishments on your bodice. Wedding dresses that are strapless teamed with an 'Updo' will emphasise your neck and shoulders and show off your facial features. An 'Updo' hairstyle would look beautiful if your dress has spaghetti or halterneck straps and they are generally a good style to support your veil if you are having one.

If you have very long hair then wearing it down is the perfect option if you are looking for a more casual look. You could opt to have the ends curled to give it a romantic look or big barrel curls to add volume. A few brides will go for a half up and half down hairstyle, with the front sides pulled back and fastened and the remaining hair usually curled. This hairstyle works with most bridal gowns and gives a fuller look yet keeping the hair off your face whilst showing off your wedding gown in its full glory. Brides with short hair can adorn their hair with the many accessories that are available on the market or could even go for some hair extensions.

Consider how different hair accessories that you would like to wear on your day would fit into the hairstyle you fancy. It may surprise you but veils can actually be quite heavy, especially if they are long and tiered. Check your hairstyle will be strong enough to withstand the weight if you decide to have your hair up. Veils look beautiful at the best of times and for many ladies turn a dress into a wedding dress and in turn, them into a bride! They look especially stunning in curled hair that has been swept up or is in a half up and down style. You could wear your veil lower down at the back of your nape, underneath your 'Updo'. Flowers on a clip or pins, or even a crown look fabulous in a loose hippy style 'updo' or with tumbling loose curls. Headbands work well with chic sleek styles and tiaras which come in an array of styles and colours look lovely with the traditional style 'Updos'.

Think about the theme and style of your wedding. A fancy formal wedding at a swanky hotel would suit a sleek updo. An informal wedding would suit a more relaxed loose style.

It is of course your decision on how you wear your hair but do make sure you are comfortable with it. It should be a reflection on you and your individual personality. If you usually wear your hair down the your friends and family may find it a bit odd to see worn tightly pulled back off your face. It's probably not the best of ideas to go for a really wild and out of character hairstyle for your wedding day. Your husband to be wants to see you greeting him at the altar not a bride he doesn't recognise!

Discuss your ideas with your hairdresser, they know your hair and what will work well. If possible do have a trial run, with your accessories at least once before your wedding day too.

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A Loudoun Winter Wedding


There are a number of local options for your wedding announcements, and a favorite in the Leesburg and DC (Georgetown) area is The Dandelion Patch. They offer custom letterpress and engraved wedding invitations and save the date cards, as well as everything from table place cards, menu cards, bridesmaid gifts, and more. It's great for keeping your weddings theme consistent.

Pre-Wedding Activities

With so many pre-wedding activities in Loudoun County, there's no reason to limit the festivities to just a ceremony and reception. At recreational culinary school Cookology, in Sterling, VA, the bride, family, and friends can create their own delicious meal and then enjoy it in Cookology's dining room. It's a fun and different option for the bachelorette party, because while there is still the social aspect of eating and drinking, it's far from the usual girls-night-out. Or, head to Rogue Spa in the historic town of Leesburg. The services offered there are sure to awaken, restore and refresh the bride and her wedding party.


The historic George C. Marshall International Center is a great option for a larger event. Western Loudoun also offers a growing selection of beautiful vineyards that are worth the extra drive. One in particular is Breaux Vineyards. The natural beauty of rolling vineyards creates a picturesque backdrop for a truly memorable occasion. The setting, the wine and the views are sure to provide a perfect wedding.

Another great venue in Leesburg is the esteemed West Belmont Place. They boast the largest ballroom in Northern Virginia and ensure that your guests will arrive "in style" as they enter the circular drive and porte cohere entrance. West Belmont place also provides a world class catering team, so food becomes a package deal. Their hosted events can expand beyond the wedding world; they also host bar mitzvahs, showers, and corporate events.


Fusions Cuisine near Brambleton, VA prides itself on ingredient-driven, innovative recipes using the freshest components available. Fusions provides memorable flavors and unique dining experiences perfect for any bride's "Big Day." Fusions Cuisine is able to personalize the culinary experience with one-of-a-kind signature menus for each of their catered weddings.

Tuscarora Mill Restaurant, located in a restored mill in the historic district has been hosting memorable wedding events for more than 20 years. They've held engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and small receptions. They too offer custom tailored menus for engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and small receptions. Their bakery is known for their delicious and impressive wedding cakes as well.

Brambleton is an award-winning master planned community located in Loudoun County, Virginia. Brambleton is comprised of nearly 2,000 acres and 8,181 single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums. In the heart of the community is Brambleton Town Center, a mixed-use development with over 50 specialty stores, restaurants, services, grocery store and movie theater.

Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

This is a list of common mistakes that couples make when choosing their wedding flowers. If you are looking for wedding flowers, avoid making these blunders:

Mistake 1: Not Trusting Your Florist

Tell your florist what you envision your wedding to be. Communicate your likes, dislikes and expectations. Be open to suggestions from your floral designer. If the floral designer can't give you that specific flower you had in mind, be more flexible and try to compromise. Trust their creativity and remember why you hired*them in the first place!

Mistake 2: Not Reusing Ceremony Arrangements

Do not put your aisle flowers to waste by throwing them away right after the ceremony. The ceremony only lasts an hour and it would be a shame if they are only used for that amount of time. Aisle flowers can make great centerpieces and can be included into the reception décor.

Mistake 3: Not Choosing Pricey Flowers

Don't be afraid to choose expensive flowers. Peonies, for example, are a bit pricey but they could cover a bigger space than roses and create a bigger impact. You could also choose expensive flowers for your bouquet and choose more affordable flowers for your centerpieces and aisle flowers.

Mistake 4: Using only One Color

Wouldn't it look boring you had lavender flowers to match your lavender-colored bridesmaid dresses? Do not be scared to mix and match colors. Ask the help of your floral designer in choosing what other colors would match your theme colors.

Mistake 5: Ordering your flowers too Late

Flowers come from different p`rts of the world and may take some time arrive. Make sure that you allow a six-week window ahead of your wedding week to be able to have every flower ready. Plus, it would be less stressful for the florist if you can give them ample time to order the flowers.

Mistake 6: Choosing an Oversized Bouquet

Do not choose an oversized bouquet. It may seem beautiful at first but carrying it around for hours can be a huge burden for you. What's more, a massive bouquet will only cover the beautiful design of your wedding dress. You want your guests to notice your dress, not the massive thing in front of it.

Mistake 7: Booking your Florist Last

After deciding on your wedding venue, date and theme, the next thing to do is to book a florist. Make an appointment to visit your potential florist and tell them the important details of your wedding and your budget.

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Guidelines for Wedding Roses

Every girl has planned her perfect wedding at some point in her life. When that time finally arrives, it is every girl's wish that things go as planned and everything is exactly like she dreamed. Important elements such as the ceremony, the dress, the flowers etc are all important and most girls never want to make any compromises regarding these three things in particular. We will be talking about wedding roses as flowers for your perfect wedding. We will discuss how important they are and how we will also be guiding you about them as well. They will provide your ceremony with the perfectly elegant and romantic setting you will ever want. However, most of us who have gone through all the planning know what a tough task it is to choose wedding roses for the big day. You have to be careful about where they are placed, whether they match the theme and whether they are well within your budget. You will also have to see that the wedding roses are serving as good decorations for the big day.

If you want to make your wedding look really romantic, it is probably best that you go with the choice of wedding roses. You will need many of them to make the event beautiful. These will light up the ambiance of the ceremony and will prove to be the best decoration. You might be worried about the perfect wedding roses for the day, but also remember that you have many choices to choose from. But at the end of the day, you will have to pick that match the theme. Therd are not just different colored wedding roses, but there are different kinds as well, and it is important to know about most of them in order to pick out the right ones. The theme has a major role to play in choosing the wedding roses. The usual red roses are very common and they make a very emotional ambiance for the ceremony. It adds the color of love to your event while bringing in the feeling of passion as well. But choosing red is not just it. You will need to see whether these red roses are actually suiting the theme. If not, you will have to pick other colors. It is not necessary that red roses will look good everywhere; in fact they can end up ruining the entire decoration if they don't match the theme.

If you are in search of wedding roses for the bouquet, it is a good idea to go with the American Beauty roses. They look great in red and they go well with green. It is best not to go with the lighter shade though. White roses are classic for the bouquet as well. They go well with the traditional white wedding dress. They blend in with almost every theme and set up, and every color in the room. But you need to make sure that they are fresh and they have bloomed recently. It is best to go with the recently bloomed buds. Their sweet smell is just divine at this special ceremony. A lot of roses at your wedding will add a great sent to the day. You can use rainbow roses as decorations as well but they are extremely rare and expensive. These rainbow roses are usually so expensive that they are chosen for the bride's bouquet only. Their light pink color with dark pink stripes is unique.

Brides and Their Wedding Gowns

The engagement has been announced and it is now time to get serious about planning for the perfect wedding. Being the bride you have a lot of personal responsibility from choosing the perfect dresses for you and your bridesmaids to deciding on the colors, shoes, and accessories you want to pair with them. Of course this is an exciting time for you, but can be very stressful with the countless choices available. Do you want a bright wedding or a more elegant one? Do you want modern or traditional? The statement thd bride makes with the gowns is enough to set the theme for the entire wedding.

The bride typically begins by wedding shop hopping in search of the wedding gown she has dreamed of all her life. With the variety of gowns available you must narrow down your search before you even begin. Do you want a halter, spaghetti, or strapless dress? How thick or thin do you want the straps? Once you know your style you have already narrowed down your search a lot. The next step is deciding if you want a pure white dress or an ivory. The shade of white is crucial to what will pair best with your skin tone and complexion. Lastly you will have to decide on the special flair you want your dress to have. Ruffles, diamonds, bows, different patterns, and laces are all options to have included on your beautiful dress.

The bride must not only decide on her wedding gown, but the gowns that the bridesmaids will wear also. Choosing the perfect color for the girls is important to the theme of the wedding. Brides typically choose the color scheme first, then begin asking all the same questions listed above. The length, style, and design of the dress are all factors to consider before beginning the time consuming search. Not to mention this same process will be considered again for the bride's gown worn at the reception, a much more relaxed gown and more similar to those of the bridesmaids.

It is quite evident that choosing the multiple gowns that are required of a wedding can be very timely for a bride. Even more time consuming when finalizing the gowns with the perfect accessories and shoes. For the bride, a matching veil and undergarments are also a part of the costume. Needless to say, this is one of the most exciting times in a life for a woman. The stress and time used in the wedding planning will only make for a better wedding in the end.

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Wedding Cake Trends and Traditions

The wedding cake is one of the central elements of the reception. It is a delicious and beautiful tradition that is often one of the most photographed and celebrated events of the wedding ceremony. Wedding cakes are expected to be tasty, decorative and beautiful.

For many brides, the wedding cake is just as important as the gown. Some women know exactly what they want their cake to look like while others may need some guidance from a wedding planner or cake designer. It is a very personal decision. Here are some of the most popular cake trends that you may see at weddings this year.

Simple and Classic: Many couples are passing on outlandishly frosted cakes for clean, classic designs. Muted and natural colors are preferred over bright, deep colors. You can add flowers and other accessories for a pop of rich color. Understated and simple decorations are preferred to outlandish, over-the-top designs.

Delicious: Brides are moving away from the less tasty fondant and opting instead for traditional buttercream frosting. It not only tastes better than fondant, but it can be used to create beautiful decorative designs. You do not have to give up good taste for an elegant, one-of-a-kind cake.

Unique and Personalized: Many couples want a cake that reflects their unique personalities. One way to do this is with the addition of a cake topper. There are many whimsical designs available that let the guests know something about the couples' hobbies or relationship. Whether you prefer something silly and fun or elegant and timeless, there are a variety of cake toppers available.

Shapes: While most traditional wedding cakes feature round layers, many couples choose to mix and match a variety of shapes for their cake layers. Square, hexagon, and octagon cakes can be stacked on top of each other. This design approach gives the cake a sophisticated and modern appeal.

Fresh Flowers: The use of fresh flowers continues to be a popular trend. Small buds and simple blooms are preferred over large, overpowering flowers. Choose flowers that match your theme or color scheme. It is a great way to add interest and color to a simple cake.

Stacked for Height: Wedding cakes are getting taller with many different layers stacked one on top of the other. If your cake is small, place it on a raised stand to make it appear taller and more majestic.

No matter what type of wedding cake you choose, be sure that you have all of the supplies you need to make your wedding cake ceremony memorable and special. Find cake servers that are elegant and can be engraved with the couple's name and date of the wedding. Champagne glasses can also be personalized for a beautiful addition to your reception. These items can be displayed at home as a reminder of your special celebration.

Choosing a wedding cake is a very personal decision. There is no right or wrong design choice. You want to be sure that your cake is elegant and delicious so that it compliments the joy and excitement of your special day.

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Wedding Dances That Will Rock Your Big Day

Weddings are as a rule fairly predictable in their running order, everyone knows what to expect. However in the details things can be greatly varied to make you're special day memorable for everyone in attendance. One area where this can be done is in the first dance, not only is it another chance for you and your partner to be the absolute focus of everyone's attention, but also where you can really add some showbiz razzamatazz...

Dirty Dancing, Time Of My Life
It's the classic, and a trawl through YouTube will show that this is a popular song for first dances, however very few attempt the big lift. And that's the kicker. If you're going to do it, do it properly. This means the groom might have to do a bit of upper body weight work prior to the big day, and the bride will need nerves of steel, but marriage is all about support and trust, this dance and its show-piece move are a metaphor in boogie for your new life together! Amazing!

Top Hat, Cheek To Cheek
I'm not going to lie, if you go for this absolute timeless wonder of golden era Hollywood you're going to have to put in some work. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are arguably the greatest dance pairing to ever grace the silver screen. While this number starts slow it quickens. Remember too, as has been stated many times, that Rogers had to do all the same steps as Astaire but backwards and in high heels, which means the bride is going to be up against it. But what a first dance, what a scene and all so beautiful, just as long as you remember the steps, keep it together and don't end up crashing head first into the tidy pile of wedding gifts you've accrued.

Grease, Summer Lovin'
Brilliant! Though for this to really work, you're going to need game bridesmaids and ushers. This is an ensemble piece, with bride and groom taking the role of Sandy and Danny, as played by Olivia Neutron Bomb and John 'The Hips' Travolta. If you can find a picnic bench and some bleachers to set the whole thing against all the better. Wella, wella, wella, huh! Tell me more, tell more! You'll get added bonus points for including the flick comb moment and for the groom hitting Travolta's high note at the end (yes, you have to sing it too!). In regard to the final moments of the song, the movie uses a dissolve that places Sandy and Danny in the same shot. No need for that though, you can actually be side by side, as husband and wife. Sweet.

Although these dances are ambitious especially considering that it's likely you'll be putting them together in the midst of planning the biggest day of your life, the rewards will be magnificent. Plus you can recreate the routine every year on your anniversary, what better way to celebrate! Put on your dancing shoes and dance! Good luck...

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Wedding Location and Dresses Tips

A well planned and coordinated effort at organizing the wedding arrangements well in advance, will ensure better, and more satisfying results. As the big day approaches you might be swamped with small details that need immediate attention. Weddings are generally full of grandeur, and they are all in direct proportion on both parties financial resources. It is almost always an awe-inspiring exercise in manpower, material management and creativity. Hence, it is imperative that all major issues have been dealt with and set into motion already.

Choosing an apt wedding location that caters to all your requirements is important. A wedding venue you select will give you a clear picture of the myriad ideas you can execute in that given room. When a couple starts looking for a wedding location, too often they fall in love with the ambiance and beauty of the place without even considering a few other factors that play an important role. Well... it happens in the moment and one cannot be blamed, after all it is the big day of their life. However, to avoid any regrets or incorrect planning here is an article that will help you select the best of locations and at the same time impress your guests with warm hospitality and fantastic arrangements. You need to have a good idea of the number of invitees and in fact add some 50 guests to the number just to be on a safer side, and then look for a venue that accommodates your guest list. While you are on a hunt to select an appropriate wedding location, discuss the payment details, schedule and other policies regarding the location. Usually the venue authorities allow you to use the location for a specific period of time, make sure you give them an idea about the time you will require, also discuss the overtime charges. Considering small things and thinking about the needs of your invitees will make your wedding party all the more successful and guests will surely bless the newly wed graciously. Parking is one such small thing that can really cause a big problem.

When we think about the inexpensive wedding ideas, it is important that we have a control over our expenses and do not end up spending too much money on some things unnecessarily. You can save money on the wedding invitation cards by making them yourself at your home. You can ask the members of your family who are good at arts and crafts like drawing, sketching and painting to prepare the wedding invitation cards and then distribute them to your invitees. On of the best cheap wedding ideas is to have the wedding dresses for the bride and the groom on a rental basis instead of purchasing them. You can consult experienced wedding planners who can give you some cheap wedding decoration ideas as a lot of money is generally spent on the decoration work for a wedding ceremony. You can further save the money by decorating the wedding venue yourself instead of hiring professional workers. The cheap wedding ideas also include keeping a tab on the expenditure involved in giving wedding favors to the people who attend the wedding ceremony. You can choose simple, yet attractive materials such as attractive flowers, balloons etc. to decorate the venue.

The bride usually wears white, off-white, silver, or other very light-colored modern style wedding dresses, particularly at her first marriage. But if it comes to the bridal reception dresses, color is not limited.

4 Simple Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Transportation

There are always 1000 and one things to do when you're planning your wedding. It can be really intimidating, especially if you're getting pressure from others to plan what they think will be the perfect day. One thing you shouldn't have to worry about is transportation on your special day. Finding a wedding car hire service for your special day is a piece of cake!

There are tips on how to find a good transportation company on a variety of wedding planning websites.

    Some of the most popular tips include knowing what kind of a statement you want to make with your transportation, being aware of the options available to you (maybe you want a horse drawn carriage!), and holding the line on what price you're willing to pay. Remember, you are paying this company to make your day perfect and they should be happy to accommodate you.

    It's also important to make sure that the company you choose has what it is that you're looking for. Any company will be happy to accommodate your needs, but it may be difficult if you want to make your romantic getaway on a boat and you're talking to a company that only owns cars.

    The easiest way for you to find a good rental company is to ask around. Did your friend, or friends, get married recently? They probably have some good recommendations of who they used on their special day, and if they're a good company to use again. Ask people you trust if they've ever used a transportation company for any special occasions. There are many people around that will be able to give you a good recommendation.

    If you're still having trouble finding a good wedding car hire service, plan to meet with the owners of companies you're considering. There's nothing like a good impression to let you know that you're making the right decision about which company to hire. If you feel like the owner is somewhat shady, back away from that company. A shady owner means shady drivers. Picking a good company with good drivers will only enhance what is already an amazing day.

Finally, have some fun with it! Having someone to drive you around while you and your new spouse are in the limelight is the perfect way to relax and enjoy such a special day. This is a day where you are supposed to feel like a movie star. The right wedding car hire service will make sure that you get all the limelight you deserve.

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Candy Wedding Favors for Your Big Day

Getting married is the most anticipated event in a woman's life. Many consider their wedding day as the "big day". But before the big day comes, brides and grooms to be are faced with a common dilemma. Wedding preparations are critical to the success of the wedding ceremony. Many things must be considered by the couple, starting with who will be in the entourage down to the smallest details such as what wedding favors to give the guests. As a token of appreciation for attending the most significant event in the groom and bride's lives, wedding favors are an often overlooked accompaniment to any wedding.

When we think about planning a wedding, wedding favors should not be put aside. To some, it might be considered an insignificant detail but true wedding aficionados understand the necessity to make the wedding ceremony more special than even the bride and groom envisioned.

Wedding favors are special mementos given to guests as a sign of gratitude for being a part of the grandest event in the lives of two people uniting in one mind and should. It can be tricky when it comes to choosing the best favors to give. Let me suggest a perfect gift idea that is both memorable and affordable.

How does a unique wedding favor sound to you? Of course, you would like your favor to be as unique and exceptional as possible, right? The best would be an idea that only a few have ever come up with before. A wedding favor that would put a smile on your guests' faces and would remind them of an occasion truly worth remembering.

Rather than the traditional favor, I would suggest a personalized chocolate candy favor. How would you like to see the bride and groom's photo on each candy piece? Along with photos, perhaps a special message or the wedding date on each candy coated piece of heaven. This is one unique wedding favor idea that will not be ignored.

Many candy makers offer a wide variety of wedding favor ideas for you to choose from. There are several ways to add a personalized touch to your wedding favors, which work with whatever budget you may have. You can make your own favors and make it a fun activity together with your bridal party. You can also choose to mix personalized pieces with color-only pieces. You can even suggest ways on how to make your favors as personal as you want them to be.

Make your wedding favor as special and personalized as possible. Create it in a way that guests will always be reminded of an event as wonderful as the two people who shared a special bond on that meaningful day. Show your appreciation to guests by giving them a favor they are sure to treasure for a long time to come.

Author Jennifer Doowekal is an avid blogger and writes article reviews on M&Ms chocolate candy. She writes about gift ideas such as those found at personalized candy shops. Jennifer writes about anything that relates to personalized M&Ms candy. You can learn more about what she recommends for clients who are looking to buy bulk candy direct from wholesalers at a reasonable price.

Tips for a Wedding on a Budget

If you are not one of those brides with daddy's big bank account then let me just tell you, you are not alone. I watch shows like "say yes to the dress" and I can't believe the amount of money a bride will spend on just the wedding dress. But you don't have to have a big wedding for it to be beautiful; it's all in the details.

Believe it or not you CAN find your perfect dress for a few hundred dollars, but you have to search. I'm not talking about those Chinese websites, but actual bridal shops where you can find closeouts, floor samples or budget dresses. Make sure you call around and go online. Always call online stores to make sure you talk to a real person, look for ratings and ask around before you choose one.

Most of your budget for a wedding would actually go towards the venue, which in most cases will not let you cater your own food. So this is what you have to tackle first. If you cannot find a small venue in your city or nearby, then start thinking out of the box. If you or a family member has a nice backyard, put it on your list for consideration. A white tent will do wonders for a backyard wedding and will probably cost you around $150-$250. You should also consider a local park where you would also do the tent, and the park will probably charge you $50 for the day.

For dinner choose a buffet style instead of a sit down, you can have a larger variety without breaking the bank. Find a local caterer or enlist your family which would be even cheaper. For the cake, go to your local supermarket bakery, you would not imagine the cakes that the bakers there can do, and for a fraction of the price of a bakery.

If you are getting married in your church, they will probably just ask you for a donation, but if you are not, hire a justice of the peace that will cost you an average of $75.

For the tables just rent your linens at an online store, you'd be surprise at the savings. For your centerpieces, forget the flowers and up for less expensive candles. If you are not into candles look online for different options ranging from goldfish bowls to floating roses which won't cost as much. If you still want to have flowers, then use as much filler flowers as you can, this can save you a bunch. Be creative and look for different ideas. If you want to give out favors, try making your own. A music CD of music you both love would be a great favor and very inexpensive. All you need is CDs and personalized labels which you can find for less than $1 each.

One of the most important expenses is the photographer; this is one place I would tell you not to skimp on. These will be your memories and you want to be sure they are great. Ask around for referrals from friends and family. Once you find the right person, be sure to negotiate. If you are not good at negotiating, bring the family member that is. On this one thing, you have to choose wisely not just based on price.

Remember that it's all in the details. Find nice wedding accessories that will scream simplicity and elegance. Go online and compare prices for everything you are looking for. Be sure to keep a log and do your research to save the most money.

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A Wedding in New Hampshire

Among the most beautiful of the New England states, New Hampshire has been attracting visitors for well over 200 years. This is especially true of the Lakes Region, a wonderful place for a wedding in New Hampshire. Each season has its own special charms, making this region a year round destination for weddings and honeymoons, home to a broad range of local accommodations and amenities, many well-experienced at wedding hosting and planning. Because there is so much to do and enjoy throughout the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, many couples, as part of their New Hampshire wedding planning, choose to spend all or part of their honeymoon in the area.

Spectacular Beauty - The Perfect Backdrop

Lakes and mountains offer stunning views, their spectacular beauty the perfect backdrop for one of life's most meaningful events. The Lakes Region in New Hampshire is made up of five lakes, and the largest of these lakes is Lake Winnipesauke, which means "the smile of the Great Spirit" in the language of the Native Americans that once inhabited the region. In addition to the gorgeous shoreline locations, there are beautiful islands and spectacular vistas overlooking the lake offering unique New Hampshire wedding opportunities.

The other lakes in the region include Newfound Lake, Lake Winnisquam, Squam Lake, and Lake Wentworth. This region is the ideal setting for an autumn wedding, with the glorious colors of the trees during the fall foliage season. Winter weddings are also popular in this region, everything so white and wonderful, with scenes reminiscent of those you'd see portrayed by Currier and Ives. Springtime is always beautiful on the lakes, and during the summertime, many choose to top off the day with dinner and a lake cruise. The mountains in the region also attract those seeking a one of a kind wedding experience. Red Hill, the Ossipee Mountains, and the Belknap Range have many popular wedding sites, as well as an assortment of those quiet, private little nooks.

Let Local Experience Enhance the Event

Planning a New Hampshire wedding is easier when you rely on local experience. The most beautiful locations are nearly always little hidden gems, almost jealously guarded by locals, in hopes of protecting them from the commercialization that too many tourists tend to bring. It is local planners that will be the source of romantic hideaways and quaint bed and breakfasts. They will whisper the names of the best bakers, caterers, and florists. If choosing a larger venue for a bigger wedding, it is best to select one with strong experience in wedding planning, especially if there will be a lot of out of town guests in attendance.

For those that love the New England region, a New Hampshire wedding in the midst of such a wealth of natural beauty is a wonderful way to celebrate all that the vows of marriage signify. With so many beautiful locations to choose from, with settings perfect for each season, New Hampshire has much to offer to those hoping to create wedding memories to last a lifetime.

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Top 5 Gifts for Your Groomsmen

A smart person preparing for his wedding would immediately think of gifts to give his mates for helping out even before and during his wedding day. A simple 'thanks' would do, but appreciation could also be shown creatively through great presents and memorabilia. For the groom, this may be quite challenging. Men are not always great in choosing and giving out gifts. More than that, choosing gifts to give your male friends is harder than shopping for your female friends. At times, all they need is help and guidance. This is why we have compiled 5 of the best gifts a groom or a couple could give their groomsmen! Your days of worrying about what to buy for them are over. These gifts will surely be appreciated by the groomsmen and will surely prove themselves to be really useful. Men, unlike women who, most of the time, are fascinated by pretty things, love receiving things like tools and gadgets which they can use practically. Here are some gift ideas a groom could use in choosing gifts for his mates.

1. Hip flasks - Men bond over TV, games, pizza, and most importantly, beer. It's their feel-good therapy. If women love ice cream, men love drinking. It's common knowledge. Thus, why not give out flasks during the bachelor's party! Specialized flasks which have your group's name engraved on them are great in celebrating friendship and moving on to married life. It would be a nice reminder of those days when you were all just college students who drink for the heck of it.

2. Beer mugs - If you and your friends are the "beer while watching baseball" guys, beer mugs would be the perfect presents. Same as the first item, it's the symbol of brotherhood over a pint of beer. Men always love receiving mugs. They're essential in watching their favorite team.

3. Watches -- For those with a higher budget, watches are great presents. They are sophisticated and classy. Plus, a man's outfit will only be complete once he already wears a nice watch. And wouldn't it be nice to have your groomsmen wear identical watches during the wedding day?

4. Pocket Knives - They are efficient, useful, and very manly. Those are the top 3 reasons why your groomsmen would love to receive a knife as a present. They symbolize adolescent friendship and reckless youthful indiscretion. They are not very pricey and they could even be personalized. You can have the names of your groomsmen engraved on them, even.

5. Money Clips - These are fully functional items to give out as gifts of appreciation. Men tend to have bulky wallets at times. With these clips, your money could be organized well. You can also pick out the style and the material of the clips you want to give out. Like the others, these clips could be personalized too!

Groomsmen are very important in the ceremony. They are friends who serve as support system whenever we need them. Thus, the gifts of appreciation that we give them should be well-thought of.

Brenda Hopkins writes for Wholesale Favors about Engraved Pocket Watch and Gift Ideas and gives advice on Groomsmen Gifts to the Bride and Groom.