Brides and Their Wedding Gowns

The engagement has been announced and it is now time to get serious about planning for the perfect wedding. Being the bride you have a lot of personal responsibility from choosing the perfect dresses for you and your bridesmaids to deciding on the colors, shoes, and accessories you want to pair with them. Of course this is an exciting time for you, but can be very stressful with the countless choices available. Do you want a bright wedding or a more elegant one? Do you want modern or traditional? The statement thd bride makes with the gowns is enough to set the theme for the entire wedding.

The bride typically begins by wedding shop hopping in search of the wedding gown she has dreamed of all her life. With the variety of gowns available you must narrow down your search before you even begin. Do you want a halter, spaghetti, or strapless dress? How thick or thin do you want the straps? Once you know your style you have already narrowed down your search a lot. The next step is deciding if you want a pure white dress or an ivory. The shade of white is crucial to what will pair best with your skin tone and complexion. Lastly you will have to decide on the special flair you want your dress to have. Ruffles, diamonds, bows, different patterns, and laces are all options to have included on your beautiful dress.

The bride must not only decide on her wedding gown, but the gowns that the bridesmaids will wear also. Choosing the perfect color for the girls is important to the theme of the wedding. Brides typically choose the color scheme first, then begin asking all the same questions listed above. The length, style, and design of the dress are all factors to consider before beginning the time consuming search. Not to mention this same process will be considered again for the bride's gown worn at the reception, a much more relaxed gown and more similar to those of the bridesmaids.

It is quite evident that choosing the multiple gowns that are required of a wedding can be very timely for a bride. Even more time consuming when finalizing the gowns with the perfect accessories and shoes. For the bride, a matching veil and undergarments are also a part of the costume. Needless to say, this is one of the most exciting times in a life for a woman. The stress and time used in the wedding planning will only make for a better wedding in the end.

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