Fabulous Wedding Dresses Need Fabulous Hairstyles

As a bride on your wedding day you aim to look and feel the most amazing you have ever done. It is after all your special day and whilst the wedding dress and other accessories have been sorted months ago it's now time to focus on how you will be wearing your hair.

When considering how you are going to wear your hair on your big day you should take into consideration the style of your wedding gown and your personality. There are hundreds of different looks and styles to go for depending on the length of your hair and its texture and volume. Whether you are aiming for a formal, relaxed or casual is also a deciding factor, as is the shape of your face.

Oval shaped faced brides can relax as they are fortunate enough that they can wear virtually any hair style. Brides with heart-shaped and square faces should avoid long straight styles. Heart-shapes should opt for side partings and soft curls. Curls and waves also look great on square-shaped faces as it gives a softer look, whereas round-faced brides should avoid volume and curls as this adds width. Sleeker styles pulled away from the face would be much more appropriate as they are a perfect shape for high 'Updos'.

Just like your accessories your hairstyle should complement your wedding gown. The style of your wedding dress is important, for example if you're having an elaborate dress then a hippy look hairstyle would look out of place, whereas a formal yet simple sleek chic chignon would keep the centre of attention on your gown. Particularly great if your dress features lots of embellishments on your bodice. Wedding dresses that are strapless teamed with an 'Updo' will emphasise your neck and shoulders and show off your facial features. An 'Updo' hairstyle would look beautiful if your dress has spaghetti or halterneck straps and they are generally a good style to support your veil if you are having one.

If you have very long hair then wearing it down is the perfect option if you are looking for a more casual look. You could opt to have the ends curled to give it a romantic look or big barrel curls to add volume. A few brides will go for a half up and half down hairstyle, with the front sides pulled back and fastened and the remaining hair usually curled. This hairstyle works with most bridal gowns and gives a fuller look yet keeping the hair off your face whilst showing off your wedding gown in its full glory. Brides with short hair can adorn their hair with the many accessories that are available on the market or could even go for some hair extensions.

Consider how different hair accessories that you would like to wear on your day would fit into the hairstyle you fancy. It may surprise you but veils can actually be quite heavy, especially if they are long and tiered. Check your hairstyle will be strong enough to withstand the weight if you decide to have your hair up. Veils look beautiful at the best of times and for many ladies turn a dress into a wedding dress and in turn, them into a bride! They look especially stunning in curled hair that has been swept up or is in a half up and down style. You could wear your veil lower down at the back of your nape, underneath your 'Updo'. Flowers on a clip or pins, or even a crown look fabulous in a loose hippy style 'updo' or with tumbling loose curls. Headbands work well with chic sleek styles and tiaras which come in an array of styles and colours look lovely with the traditional style 'Updos'.

Think about the theme and style of your wedding. A fancy formal wedding at a swanky hotel would suit a sleek updo. An informal wedding would suit a more relaxed loose style.

It is of course your decision on how you wear your hair but do make sure you are comfortable with it. It should be a reflection on you and your individual personality. If you usually wear your hair down the your friends and family may find it a bit odd to see worn tightly pulled back off your face. It's probably not the best of ideas to go for a really wild and out of character hairstyle for your wedding day. Your husband to be wants to see you greeting him at the altar not a bride he doesn't recognise!

Discuss your ideas with your hairdresser, they know your hair and what will work well. If possible do have a trial run, with your accessories at least once before your wedding day too.

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