Top 5 Gifts for Your Groomsmen

A smart person preparing for his wedding would immediately think of gifts to give his mates for helping out even before and during his wedding day. A simple 'thanks' would do, but appreciation could also be shown creatively through great presents and memorabilia. For the groom, this may be quite challenging. Men are not always great in choosing and giving out gifts. More than that, choosing gifts to give your male friends is harder than shopping for your female friends. At times, all they need is help and guidance. This is why we have compiled 5 of the best gifts a groom or a couple could give their groomsmen! Your days of worrying about what to buy for them are over. These gifts will surely be appreciated by the groomsmen and will surely prove themselves to be really useful. Men, unlike women who, most of the time, are fascinated by pretty things, love receiving things like tools and gadgets which they can use practically. Here are some gift ideas a groom could use in choosing gifts for his mates.

1. Hip flasks - Men bond over TV, games, pizza, and most importantly, beer. It's their feel-good therapy. If women love ice cream, men love drinking. It's common knowledge. Thus, why not give out flasks during the bachelor's party! Specialized flasks which have your group's name engraved on them are great in celebrating friendship and moving on to married life. It would be a nice reminder of those days when you were all just college students who drink for the heck of it.

2. Beer mugs - If you and your friends are the "beer while watching baseball" guys, beer mugs would be the perfect presents. Same as the first item, it's the symbol of brotherhood over a pint of beer. Men always love receiving mugs. They're essential in watching their favorite team.

3. Watches -- For those with a higher budget, watches are great presents. They are sophisticated and classy. Plus, a man's outfit will only be complete once he already wears a nice watch. And wouldn't it be nice to have your groomsmen wear identical watches during the wedding day?

4. Pocket Knives - They are efficient, useful, and very manly. Those are the top 3 reasons why your groomsmen would love to receive a knife as a present. They symbolize adolescent friendship and reckless youthful indiscretion. They are not very pricey and they could even be personalized. You can have the names of your groomsmen engraved on them, even.

5. Money Clips - These are fully functional items to give out as gifts of appreciation. Men tend to have bulky wallets at times. With these clips, your money could be organized well. You can also pick out the style and the material of the clips you want to give out. Like the others, these clips could be personalized too!

Groomsmen are very important in the ceremony. They are friends who serve as support system whenever we need them. Thus, the gifts of appreciation that we give them should be well-thought of.

Brenda Hopkins writes for Wholesale Favors about Engraved Pocket Watch and Gift Ideas and gives advice on Groomsmen Gifts to the Bride and Groom.