Wedding Dances That Will Rock Your Big Day

Weddings are as a rule fairly predictable in their running order, everyone knows what to expect. However in the details things can be greatly varied to make you're special day memorable for everyone in attendance. One area where this can be done is in the first dance, not only is it another chance for you and your partner to be the absolute focus of everyone's attention, but also where you can really add some showbiz razzamatazz...

Dirty Dancing, Time Of My Life
It's the classic, and a trawl through YouTube will show that this is a popular song for first dances, however very few attempt the big lift. And that's the kicker. If you're going to do it, do it properly. This means the groom might have to do a bit of upper body weight work prior to the big day, and the bride will need nerves of steel, but marriage is all about support and trust, this dance and its show-piece move are a metaphor in boogie for your new life together! Amazing!

Top Hat, Cheek To Cheek
I'm not going to lie, if you go for this absolute timeless wonder of golden era Hollywood you're going to have to put in some work. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are arguably the greatest dance pairing to ever grace the silver screen. While this number starts slow it quickens. Remember too, as has been stated many times, that Rogers had to do all the same steps as Astaire but backwards and in high heels, which means the bride is going to be up against it. But what a first dance, what a scene and all so beautiful, just as long as you remember the steps, keep it together and don't end up crashing head first into the tidy pile of wedding gifts you've accrued.

Grease, Summer Lovin'
Brilliant! Though for this to really work, you're going to need game bridesmaids and ushers. This is an ensemble piece, with bride and groom taking the role of Sandy and Danny, as played by Olivia Neutron Bomb and John 'The Hips' Travolta. If you can find a picnic bench and some bleachers to set the whole thing against all the better. Wella, wella, wella, huh! Tell me more, tell more! You'll get added bonus points for including the flick comb moment and for the groom hitting Travolta's high note at the end (yes, you have to sing it too!). In regard to the final moments of the song, the movie uses a dissolve that places Sandy and Danny in the same shot. No need for that though, you can actually be side by side, as husband and wife. Sweet.

Although these dances are ambitious especially considering that it's likely you'll be putting them together in the midst of planning the biggest day of your life, the rewards will be magnificent. Plus you can recreate the routine every year on your anniversary, what better way to celebrate! Put on your dancing shoes and dance! Good luck...

David Games is a romantic and works researching wedding gifts for the online gifts company Find Me A Gift.